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Well Organized custom closet

Custom Closet

Make the best use of your space with our wide range of custom closet and custom wardrobe

custom closet with hangers

Design & Style

Your day begins and ends with the closet, and we would like it to be a place designed and customized as per your needs.


When it comes to designing a custom closet, it is important to identify which components are required, and how much space will be needed. At Lux Woodcraft, we work closely with you and ensure that the most private space in your home, is transformed exactly the way you imagined.


Also, the advantage with a custom closet is that it includes built-in drawers, shelving units and cabinets that help you keep things organized and within reach.


Quality & Durability

The materials used in a closet bought from the store cannot match up with the quality you get from a professionally designed custom closet. We all have purchased those fragile looking closets that are not durable and showcase no aesthetics. Closets are an integral part of your home, so why not make them first time right?


A custom closet will offer you the quality and durability that can make them last for years to come. Not just that, you will get to design it as per your requirements, taking care of all your needs. A long lasting, durable custom closet will also benefit you in the future, in case you decide to sell your home. And with our experienced team at your disposal, you can be rest assured that every detail will be taken into consideration.

dark brown custom closet
walk-in custom closet

Walk-in Closet

A purposefully made walk-in closet can give the perfect start to your busy day. It can help you maximize every bit of the space and stay organized. Custom closet fitted with smart accessories can take care of all your storage needs. 


Walk-in closets are versatile, you can convert a spare room, or make use of an oversized bedroom to create a walk-in closet. They can be designed wide or long, depending on your specifications. You can also let go of the doors if you decide to have an open closet. Whether you are looking for a traditional walk-in closet, or something more modern, we can make that happen for you.

Get started on your dream project today!

Custom wardrobe

If your bedroom lacks a closet, custom wardrobe is the perfect way to add some custom closet space, especially if the bedroom is inadequate in size.


The addition of a custom wardrobe is a great way to increase storage by adding shelves, drawers and hanging space. It will not just add storage but also enhance the beauty of the bedroom, make it more functional and help keep things organized.


Instead of going for a readymade wardrobe, a custom wardrobe can provide more utility, taking into account the specifications of your home, and customized according to your taste and needs. Also, it will be high in quality and will stand the test of time.

custom closet with custom wardrobe
wooden custom closet
custom closet with doors
custom closet with shelves
custom closet with storage
light brown custom closet
Image by Mathyas Kurmann


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