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custom furniture in Calgary

Custom Furniture Calgary

Perfect your space with the best custom furniture in Calgary

Green custom furniture in Calgary

Custom Furniture Calgary

If you are looking for custom furniture in Calgary, look no further than Lux Woodcraft. Whether you need to setup a home office or want to have a custom entertainment center, we can help you design it as per your needs. We work with you to select the highest quality materials and patterns so that it blends in perfectly with your interiors.


The custom furniture is handcrafted as per specifications, showcasing unique designs that can be enjoyed for years to come. We guarantee that you’ll fall in love with the completed project that will not just showcase your individual style but also help organize your living space.

Home Office Solutions

Lux Woodcraft offers some of the best designs for custom furniture in Calgary, and home office is one of them.


On most occasions, a home office space is just a desk in the bedroom and we intend to transform that. We create home office furniture in a way that it helps you stay organized and focused to get your work done. For example, printers and paper shredders are hidden whereas the important things are arranged right in your sight, making it more functional.


With custom desks and bookshelves, you can unlock maximum productivity. As the saying goes, “a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind.” So, get the clutter out of the way, and create a space that can help you flourish.

home office with custom furniture in Calgary
shelving units with custom furniture in Calgary

Shelving Units

Custom shelving units solve the biggest problem of not having sufficient space for storage. Adding shelves can also get challenging as it needs to blend in with the existing room interiors. However, with the help of our experienced team, you can surely transform your home with shelves made of the highest quality.

Shelving units can enhance the look of an empty wall and make it more functional, without disturbing the overall design of the room. They can be used to hold anything from books, dishware, to several decorative items. They can also be open or enclosed, depending on your requirements. Things that do not fit inside cabinets can be stored on shelves. Lux Woodcraft is a trusted name and provides the finest custom furniture in Calgary. So, waste no time and give us a call for a free quote.

Get started on your dream project today!

Custom Entertainment Center

Custom entertainment center is a great way to hold back the television and audio accessories when they are not in use. It also helps conceal the wires and cables, adding to the beauty of the home’s décor.


A well-designed custom entertainment center can provide a clean and tidy appearance, making it a perfect space for family gatherings. By adding pull out desks and drawers, custom entertainment center can also double up as an organizer.


If that sounds exciting, look no further than Lux Woodcraft. Our talented team can help you create a perfect entertainment hub to match your style.

custom entertainment center with custom furniture in Calgary
brown desk with custom furniture in calgary
tv with white custom furniture in calgary
shelves with custom furniture in calgary
tv with dark black custom furniture in calgary
light brown desk with custom furniture in calgary
Image by Mathyas Kurmann


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